Ray tracing can give Nintendo 64 games a pretty powerful visual tune-up.

Nintendo 64 Games Can Be Beefed Up With Ray Tracing, Courtesy Of A Modder [VIDEO]

Ray tracing can give Nintendo 64 games…
The head of SEGA's Sonic Team has offered more details on what's next for the blue hedgehog

Fans Ask SEGA To Delay Sonic Frontiers

VGC has summarized why Sonic fans are…
Assassin's Creed. One of today's best-known game developers and publishers, French-based Ubisoft, has recently announced two very ambitious projects.

Assassin’s Creed: A Streamer Beat All Main Episodes Without Taking Damage! [VIDEO]

One player, twelve games, one condition: no…
Tate Multimedia's best-known project, Kao the Kangaroo, is bringing the kangaroo back to the platforms with a massive modernisation and we don't have to wait too long until his arrival.

Kao The Kangaroo – Ken Guru

Ken Guru
So the places you travel to [you’d see] how they left their stamp on that world, or that solar system, or whatever collection of moons. You’d see how horrible that was. Part of that environment would tell a story about that.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords’ Switch Port Is Here…

Aspyr is making Star Wars: Knights Of…
Nintendo. This time, the project would need a leading producer, which is quite worrying about the state of development of Metroid Prime 4. Metroid Prime 3

Metroid Prime 4: Bad News for Those Who Are Looking Forward to the Game!

Some new job announcements from Retro Studios…
Hitman 3 now supports ray tracing, which gives the whole game a visual and performance boost, although we may be left with a sense of inadequacy in the latter...

Hitman 3: Could The Newly Introduced Ray Tracing Feature Be Problematic?!

Hitman 3 now supports ray tracing, which…
Hogwarts Legacy, developed by Avalanche Software, is scheduled for release in late 2022.

Hogwarts Legacy: This Is What The PS5 DualSense Experience Will Be Like! [VIDEO]

Hogwarts Legacy, developed by Avalanche Software, is…
The highly anticipated horror game Evil Dead has already achieved record sales, only recently released.

Evil Dead Game Is Huge Success – Even The Publisher Was Surprised It Sold So…

The highly anticipated horror game Evil Dead…
The new video game of the racing saga: Test Drive Unlimited debuts its first teaser and promises a huge open-world at 1: 1 scale.

Will The New Test Drive Unlimited Be A Next-Gen Exclusive Release?

Nacon has confirmed that their upcoming open-world…

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