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Madden NFL 21

The gaming industry stands up against racism, and EA has also postponed a show

Due to growing protests and riots in…
Halo 3 test, which launched in 2007 on the Xbox 360, was a significant success back in its day - and even today, Master Chief's adventures can be completed in unusual ways.

Halo 3: Initial PC Flight To Lack Some Content

After nearly thirteen years since the Xbox…
SSDs - Scorn

Scorn: It Will Remain On The Old Engine

Ebb Software‘s game will not switch to…
Strauss Zelnick Take-Two - Red Dead Redemption 2 - He said the average American household spends around five hours per day on linear entertainment, such as television and movies - that's 150 hours per month on average.

Take-Two Is Disappointed In Google Stadia

It seems that Take-Two might be distancing…
Dying Light 2 - We haven't seen much of Dying Light 2 until now, even though it was announced almost a year ago, at E3 2018, during Microsoft's press conference.

Dying Light 2’s Development Is In Its Final Stretch

Techland wants to surprise us with the…
Hideo Kojima - Death Stranding - Unless Sony starts to hold him accountable, there should be no problem between the Japanese company and Kojima.

Hideo Kojima: The Next Big Project Fell Apart; Death Stranding Is Profitable

Something fell apart behind the scenes for…
Goosebumps: Dead Of The Night

Goosebumps: Dead Of The Night: From Books To A Game [VIDEO]

R. L. Stine’s book series is getting…
Anthology of Fear: first gameplay

Anthology of Fear: first gameplay footage and free prologue for the new horror game [VIDEO]

Ultimate Games S.A. has published the first…
Industria trailer

Industria: The Steampunk Mystery Hiding Behind The Berlin Wall [VIDEO]

Bleakmill‘s game is set in an interesting…
WRATH: Aeon Of Ruin

WRATH: Aeon Of Ruin: The „Not-Quake” Will Not Launch This Year [VIDEO]

Until then, we can only play this…

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