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2K has released a trailer for PGA Tour 2K23, confirming pre-orders, a release date and the headlining athlete, Tiger Woods.

PGA Tour 2K23: The Tiger Woods-Led Golf Game Is Coming Soon! [VIDEO]

2K has released a trailer for PGA…
Fans of Grand Theft Auto VI have found an online biography that may reveal the codename and a new character that fans can expect to meet in the franchise's next instalment.

Rockstar Removed A Grand Theft Auto Developer’s Prototype Videos!

According to Mike Dailly, his older footage…
The Pinocchio game Lies of P will debut at Gamescom 2022 with a playable demo that will be available only to event attendees.

Lies Of P: Not Just Anywhere We’ll Soon See This Promising Souls-Like!

The Pinocchio game Lies of P will…
Redfall. Bethesda claims that the Rambo approach isn't going to work in this game.

Redfall: The Creators Promise A Map Of Staggering Scale! [VIDEO]

Redfall’s open world is so big that…
The release of High on Life, the crazy-looking shooter that's coming to Xbox and PC later this year, has been delayed until 13 December, to be precise.

High On Life: Could Rick And Morty’s Creators New Shooter Be Delayed?!

The release of High on Life, the…
Two Star Wars Jedi: Survivor books are in the works, leading some fans to believe that the upcoming sequel could be released in the spring of 2023.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – We Might’ve Just Got The Release Date!

Two Star Wars Jedi: Survivor books are…
Dual Universe combines elements of EVE Online, Star Citizen, Minecraft, Space Engineers and No Man's Sky in a creativity-focused sci-fi MMO.

Dual Universe Sci-Fi MMO Release Date Announced

Dual Universe combines elements of EVE Online,…
theGeek Leslie Nielsen Naked Gun Detroit Become Human

Detroit: Become Human with Leslie Nielsen from Naked Gun is Funny as Hell [VIDEO]

Detroit: Become Human 2 and a half…
The Saints Row reboot has been heavily criticised by fans, but developer Volition says it "won't back down"; although its trailer has mountains of disapproval.

Saints Row Preloading: Bad News for PC Gamers!

The Saints Row developers have confirmed their…
theGeek rob weithoff red dead redemption 1

Red Dead Redemption John Marston Voice Actor Will be Live Streaming As He Plays the…

John Marston’s voice actor Rob Wiethoff does…

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