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The São Paulo Court of Justice has reportedly ordered Sony to „unblock” the PlayStation 5 consoles that got banned for violating Sony's terms of service.

PlayStation 5: A Brazilian Court Rules Against Sony

The São Paulo Court of Justice has…
Together, the two versions of Final Fantasy VII Remake have sold around 5 million copies, with FF7 being Square Enix’s most successful title.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: „The New World Has Only Just Begun”

The producer of Final Fantasy VII Remake…
The creators of The Witcher don’t want people to have any doubt: just because Cyberpunk 2077 uses an FPS view, its genre hasn’t changed.

Cyberpunk 2077: Legal Clouds Appear Above CD Projekt RED’s Head

More legal firms are getting ready to…
Resident Evil – A concept in the line of video games. A zombie horror series that has rightly risen to cult status, sometimes scaring us to death...

A Unified Resident Evil Page Is In The Works At Capcom

The name of the new portal is…
One of the NPD's analysts believes the Nintendo Switch will outsell the PlayStation 5's and the Xbox Series' two models.

Global Gaming Sales Outperformed The Film Industry!

Due to the coronavirus, global gaming sales…
Yoko Taro is revamping the original game, the NieR Replicant remaster has already been registered in Taiwan.

NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139…: New Details From The Christmas Broadcast [VIDEO]

In the broadcast that celebrated the tenth…
However, think about it: No Matter Studios did not „steal” the game title, as the word Prey was just part of it! Bethesda, this was perhaps a little overkill on your part...

Praey For The Gods: The PlayStation 5 Version In Action [VIDEO]

This game has been announced for a…
The latest Ghost of Tsushima update has been released, including the new “Lethal” difficulty and new accessibility features.

Ghost Of Tsushima: The Fans Helped In A Restoration Effort, Too

The fans have put together a significant…
After its first TV commercial, Sony once again talks about DualSense: it has detailed the operation of its haptic, special vibration.

Are The DualSense Adaptive Triggers Breaking Easily?

The new controller might be having a…

Cyberpunk 2077: The 1.06 Hotfix Improves Console Performance Further

CD Projekt RED has worked until the…

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