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Thankfully, it was just a mistake on Sony's end, but they still made a few PlayStation 4 titles cost a wealth on the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Store: Sony Backs Off!

From the three planned shutdowns, only two…
Housemarque might not wait much longer until releasing its next game.

Returnal: A Look Into The Combat [VIDEO]

Housemarque‘s PlayStation 5-exclusive title reveals a bit…
To finish it off, a trivia: the same team (as Eidetic) has created one of the worst games of all time two decades ago: Bubsy 3D!

Days Gone 2: „Don’t Complain If You Didn’t Buy It Full Price!”

This might be one of the toughest…
The game was first announced a dozen years ago - and it twists the story even further.

Six Days In Fallujah: God Of War’s Developers Were Working On It!?

It seems Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica…
PlayStation confirms that it will be about 40 minutes dedicated to its exclusive games and more.

PlayStation 5: Don’t Bother Connecting Anything To Its M2 Slot Just Yet [VIDEO]

Despite having a connection on Sony‘s console…
Do Warner Bros. and Monolith plan to announce the game on E3 this year?

Amazon Gave Up On Its Lord Of The Rings Game, Too

The reasoning behind it is none other…
The Last Of Us Part II leaked - Naughty Dog - The Last Of Us Part II - If it's true (and why wouldn't it be?

The Last Of Us Part II: Did Naughty Dog Give Up On DLC?

Naughty Dog‘s PlayStation 4-exclusive that was released…
Days Gone patch - Days Gone's Free DLC - Days Gone is out on April 26, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

For Sony, Only The Metacritic Score Matters!

We didn’t make this up; this comment…
CD Projekt RED's newest game might cause the company to lose 10% of its annual income.

Cyberpunk 2077: Is CD Projekt RED Preparing For The Expansions?

Dataminers have found new, unused quest descriptions,…
Electronic Arts' late-2021 big game got a few rumours, and while they sound interesting, it's best to take all of them with a pinch of salt.

Is Battlefield 6 Skipping The PlayStation 4 And The Xbox One?

After just one year after the launch…