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Whoever spoke from the US arm of Konami's PR department should be hiding now: we seem to be edging closer to Sony and Konami announcing the return of Silent Hill.

Is The PlayStation 5-Exclusive Silent Hill Already Playable?

Silent Hill‘s soft reboot hasn’t even been…
PlayStation 5 SSD - There's another rumour about the next-generation PlayStation 5, which still doesn't have an official name yet.

PS5 will be “100 times faster than PS4” thanks to its SSDs, according to Sony…

The console reading speed will forever change…
Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment have published a trailer for The Last of Us Part II to give us a bit of a taste of its story.

The Last of Us 2 will be so big that it will be hard-to-find hidden…

The team claims to have gone “too…
PlayStation 5 Event - PlayStation 5 music - PlayStation 5 game - Aside from the already known and confirmed RDNA 2, the PlayStation 5 (or at least its GPU) might feature newer functions as well.

PlayStation 5: Will A Few Games Trick Us With Their Trailers?

After the CGI trailers that we have…
Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla: The Dark Age England Will Be „Meticulous”

Ubisoft‘s game will not rush you to…
Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4: Sam Is Returning Shortly [VIDEO]

The issue is that not all platform…
Gears of War 3

Here’s Gears Of War 3… Running On A PlayStation 3!? [VIDEO]

Epic Games also responded to this unexpected…
Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima Will Be Sucker Punch’s Biggest Game

The Japanese-Mongol fights will be the biggest…

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