The first content drop is planned to happen in November.

Battlefield V –…

Back to World War II! (VIDEO)
The developers say that the campaign mode was never even planned for this game.

Call Of Duty:…

PREVIEW - This year's Call of Duty…
Moreover, that what happens is usually chaos.

Days Gone –…

Signs of Life

Shadow of the…

PREVIEW – At the official presentation of…
In the story campaign, we can delve into the story of Ana Bray and Rasputin.

Destiny 2 Expansion…

Your Mind Still on the War?
The City Never Sleeps DLC will have three portions. Each one will have its unique villain, as well their separate missions, storylines, challenges, and suits.

Spider-Man – Everything…

Everything That Insomniac Games Revealed (VIDEO)

Agony – Go…

Go To Hell!
Ghost Of Tsushima - The developers used motion capture recording for four horses, followed by three people to record them the best way possible. It was a test, but it was successful - Sucker Punch will continue with this approach.

Ghost Of Tsushima…

No Mongols Please
Vampyr won't be a weak game - it's going to launch in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Vampyr – 20th…

20th Century Bloodline
The game will be available in the Xbox Game Preview program, but the psychological thriller/survival horror We Happy Few will also be available for PC from July 26.

We Happy Few…

Joy Division of 1984

COSPLAY BABE OF THE DAY: Jeanette (Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines)