Shadow of the Tomb Raider – This is the New Lara Croft Adventure [VIDEO]

PREVIEW – At the official presentation of…
In the story campaign, we can delve into the story of Ana Bray and Rasputin.

Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind – Your Mind Still on the War?

Your Mind Still on the War?
Spider-Man - The City Never Sleeps DLC will have three portions. Each one will have its unique villain, as well their separate missions, storylines, challenges, and suits.

Spider-Man – Everything That Insomniac Games Revealed [VIDEO]

Everything That Insomniac Games Revealed (VIDEO)

Agony – Go To Hell!

Go To Hell!
Ghost of Tsushima Music

Ghost Of Tsushima – No Mongols Please

No Mongols Please
Vampyr won't be a weak game - it's going to launch in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Vampyr – 20th Century Bloodline

20th Century Bloodline
The game will be available in the Xbox Game Preview program, but the psychological thriller/survival horror We Happy Few will also be available for PC from July 26.

We Happy Few – Joy Division of 1984 [VIDEO]

Joy Division of 1984
The question arises: is it going to be a Front Mission game under a new name?

Left Alive – Alone In The Ruins

Alone In The Ruins
While playing as a preset character, you have some customization options in how to select six different "disciplines" at the beginning of the game.

Immortal Unchained – A Dark Souls-inspired Shooter Out of Nowhere

A Dark Souls-inspired Shooter Out of Nowhere
Of course, you will also be capable of upgrading your Grav, and you'll unlock the tools and better equipment via the single-player campaign, and, apparently, one update could be affecting another one negatively

Antigraviator – WipEout Reloaded?

PREVIEW - When I was asked to…

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