Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Not a Peacewalk in the Park [RETRO-2010]

Not a Peacewalk in the Park (RETRO-2010)
Prince of Persia 6 - In Forgotten Sands we will learn, that the Prince has an older brother, Malik, who tries desperately to stop an invading army besieging the family castle.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – A Hero Not to Be Forgotten [RETRO-2010]

A Hero Not to Be Forgotten (RETRO-2010)
MOVIE NEWS - American McGee's Alice is a dark, violent take on Lewis Carroll's classic and will be presented in a new TV series on the small screen.

American McGee’s Alice – Alice in Horrorland [RETRO-2001]

RETRO – The ex-id Software programmer, American…
Alan Wake Remedy recently held a very detailed Q&A detailing the PC version's machine requirements and what the different console generations can deliver in terms of graphics.

Alan Wake – A Writer’s Worst Nightmare [RETRO-2010]

A Writer’s Worst Nightmare
Commandos - Eidos’ newest RTS allows us to command a commando unit. The developers were probably inspired by such movies as the Dirty Dozen, Where Eagles Dare, or the Guns of Navarone.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines – The Dirty Half a Dozen [RETRO-1998]

The Dirty Half a Dozen (RETRO-1998)

Serious Sam’s Collection Is Heading To Current-Gen Consoles

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about a new…

SimCity’s NES Prototype Has Been Saved! [VIDEO]

It’s hard to believe the story of…
In the dark, dirty tower, shifty eyed crazy people sit, while our hero’s head is completely bandaged up

Sanitarium – Little Sanitarium of Horrors [RETRO-1998]

Little Sanitarium of Horrors (RETRO-1998)
Jimmy Hopkins is a „bad” kid, and likes to get into trouble, but deep down he is a good natured kid.

Bully – Dangerous Minds [RETRO-2006]

Dangerous Minds (RETRO-2006)
A lot of games these days use ragdoll physics, which basically tries to animate the fall of a dead body as realistic as possible.

Max Payne: The Fall of Max Payne – True Romance [RETRO-2003]

True Romance (RETRO-2003)

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