Max Payne is one of the most atmospheric, spectacular looking, and revolutionary action game.

Max Payne – One Cop, to Slain Them All [RETRO – 2001]

One cop, to slain them all (RETRO…
The big question is that even with these frustrating elements, is it enough to ruin the gameplay?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Giant Theft Auto [RETRO-2004]

Giant Theft Auto (RETRO-2004)
Between Tommy and success only a few things stand – tons of cars that need to be stolen, rival gang members, angry cops, and a lot of angry mob bosses.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City – A New King in Town [RETRO-2003]

A New King in Town (RETRO-2003)
First of let me be clear by saying that this game is really for the adult gaming community. I could copy paste South Park’s or Beavis and Butthead’s warning text: GTA 3 is extremely brutal – and not just in the usual Carmaggeddon way.

Grand Theft Auto 3 – The Driver [RETRO-2001]

The Driver (RETRO-2001)
Well, the truth is that Red Dead Redemption is extremely far from being a disaster: it’s one of the best games Rockstar made since a long time.

Red Dead Redemption – How the West was Fun [RETRO – 2010]

How the West was Fun (RETRO -…
Porting work is done by Virtuous - recently, we have seen Heavy Rain's PS4 version from them, as well as Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster.

Batman: Arkham City – Sin City [RETRO-2011]

Sin City (RETRO-2011)
This was the opinion of Tom Clancy novelist, and he decided to write a book about the topic. Clancy’s name is familiar to a lot of people: He wrote The Hunt for The Red October, The Sum of All Fears, and based on his game the game Politik was created.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – One bullet, one kill [RETRO-1998]

One bullet, one kill (RETRO-1998)
What we get in return is four different Spider-Mans at our disposal…

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions – “Look out, here comes four Spider-Men!” [RETRO – 2010]

"Look out, here comes four Spider-Men!” (RETRO…

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos – Warhammer… Warhammer never changes… [RETRO-2006]

Warhammer... Warhammer never changes... (RETRO-2006)
Our hero Torque (luckily has nothing to do with that horrible motorbike action movie), according to his case file, he murdered his family, but he does not remember it. He sits in his cell broken and silent where he is waiting for the execution, however, events take a different turn.

The Suffering – The Carnate Island Redemption [RETRO – 2004]

The Carnate Island Redemption (RETRO – 2004)

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