Raven Software did a fine job once again.

Quake 4 – Call of the Mutant [RETRO – 2005]

Call of the Mutant (RETRO – 2005)
With a bit of luck, our rifle and our gun are loaded, if we are out of luck though well we’ll feel cold steel in our stomach, and Tom will end up dead on the battlefield.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault – The Killing of Private Fujimori [RETRO – 2004]

The Killing of Private Fujimori (RETRO…
Starcraft - Yes, we are definitely are. Even, if the basic gameplay is the same and there are some hiccups to the game

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – A Galaxy at War [RETRO – 2010]

A Galaxy at War (RETRO - 2010)

Prototype 2 – A Virus Which is Cool to Get [RETRO-2012]

A Virus Which is Cool to Get…

Commodore 64 Mini: An American Launch Inbound [VIDEO]

Commodore 64 is minifying and it’s coming…
Users could watch Netflix on their consoles.

Twelve Things That Maybe You Did Not Know About the PlayStation

RETRO - What do Netflix, David Lynch…
Our story’s hero is a thirty-year-old Henry Townshend, who we do not know much, only that he lives in Ashfield in Room 302. Henry is an average person: he does not wish to travel to Silent Hill (the city is barely in the game), has no daughters going missing, no guilt over killing his wife, and has no godlike powers unlike an individual protagonist from Silent Hill 3.

Silent Hill 4 – The Room – Room with Cruel [RETRO – 2004]

RETRO – While Silent Hill does have…
Besides the usual shooting Constantine have magical abilities that we have to use throughout the game.

Constantine – Go to hell! [RETRO – 2005]

Go to hell! (RETRO – 2005)

Dishonored – An Assassin’s Honor [RETRO-2012]

RETRO – An incredibly unique and beautiful…

Dungeon Keeper II – Feel the Force of the Dark Side! [RETRO-1999]

Feel the Force of the Dark Side!…

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