Polish game developer and publishing subsidiary CD Projekt, GOG, has taken another step towards equality in the workplace.

GOG Provides Menstrual Leave For Its Employees

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The news that Microsoft has succeeded in acquiring Activision Blizzard was a bombshell yesterday. Analysts say the move is likely to be the end of Bobby Kotick's career at Activision - the question is how soon...

Bobby Kotick’s Ex-Girlfriend Got A Restraining Order Against The CEO!

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TECH NEWS - Chris Novak has spent nearly 20 years developing Microsoft's Xbox, so his quitting announcement two days ago may came as a surprise.

After Almost 20 Years, The Head Of Research And Design At Xbox Is Quitting?!

TECH NEWS – Chris Novak has spent…
TECH NEWS - At first glance, the gadget looks like nothing more than a copy of a Nintendo Game Boy (you can find handhelds like this in droves these days), but it can also be used to steal cars.

Game Boy Games For Switch Are Said To Be Compatible With The N64!

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MOVIE NEWS - Pablo Schreiber talked about how the live-action version of Master Chief differs from the original Halo video games.

Here Is The Result Of The Halo Music Royalty Dispute!

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The Playdate with its custom OS is aimed to be a device between our mobiles and home consoles, and it will cost 149 dollars. At the moment, only one game was announced for it so far - it's Crankin's Time Travel Adventure by Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi. An interesting concept...

Playdate: Delivery Of The Hand Cranked Handheld Console Has Started [VIDEO]

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PlayStation renews the titles offered on its service with a selection to suit all tastes PS Plus Bloober Team

Is PS Plus Not About Attracting New Users – What Does The Analyst Say?

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TECH NEWS - The company has analysed the compatibility of the Steam Deck with its handheld, optimising the battery and improving the experience of the device that has been available to customers for a month.

First Month Results For Steam Deck – An Impressive Achievement!

TECH NEWS – The company has analysed…
TECH NEWS - Facebook sent a letter to the LAPD asking them to stop creating and using fake accounts as intelligence gathering devices for their investigations

Meta Is Working On Its Digital Currency And NFTs!

TECH NEWS – Meta, which owns Facebook,…