An iPhone Can Survive Three Days In Water!

TECH NEWS – Apple’s device can be…
First Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay on a Tesla: Elon Musk was right, the game goes on the new cars.

PS5/XSX Patch Not Even Around the Corner, But We can Already Play Cyberpunk 2077 on…

First Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay on a Tesla:…
The Amazon-owned broadcasting website had many of its users to go word-by-word what Twitch has recommended them, even if that sounds like a ridiculously stupid idea.

Twitch Suffers From Another Round Of DMCA Music Takedowns

TECH NEWS – One of the biggest…
TECH NEWS - The goal of the experiment is to reduce traffic, optimise public transportation and support pedestrian safety.

Sony Participates In Smart City Trial Project In Rome

TECH NEWS – The goal of the…
TECH NEWS - After Netscape Navigator, another classic browser is heading into the cemetery, and it was about time it happened, let's be honest.

Microsoft Is Killing Internet Explorer Shortly

TECH NEWS – After Netscape Navigator, another…
TECH NEWS - Two-factor authentication (which we will shorten to 2FA onwards) is one of the companies' solutions to ensure the security of our accounts.

Google Will Enable Two-Factor Authentication Automatically

TECH NEWS – Two-factor authentication (which we…
TECH NEWS - The worth of the contract is incredible, and the Redmond-based company is now even closer to the US Army than ever before.

HoloLens: Microsoft Nets A Huge Contract With The US Army!

TECH NEWS – The worth of the…
TECH NEWS - The company that is known for its GPUs pulled a move that might not benefit everyone.

Even The Chinese Are Striking Down Nvidia’s Crypto Graphics Cards

TECH NEWS – The Hong Kong Customs…

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