TECH NEWS - AMD had to respond to the rumours of them allegedly shutting down the production of the Radeon VII graphics cards.

Did AMD Already Kill Off Manufacturing The Radeon VII Cards?

TECH NEWS – AMD had to respond…
AlphaStar, a Google AI will play different games as part of their learning by participating as an anonymous player.

Google AI will participate in the European competitions of StarCraft 2

TECH NEWS – AlphaStar, a Google AI…
Did Windows 95 Run Faster By Moving The Mouse Cursor?

Did Windows 95 Run Faster By Moving The Mouse Cursor?

TECH NEWS – It seems there is…
YouTube is currently testing a feature in India which shows an information panel in the search results, and these facts are provided by YouTube's fact-checking partners in English and Hindi language.

YouTube Steps Up Against „Instructional Hacking And Phishing”

TECH NEWS – Another category got banned…

DeepNude: An Aberrant Application Undresses Woman With Artificial Intelligence

TECH NEWS – Remove women’s clothes in…
TECH NEWS - Bill Gates has made a significant mistake, and he revealed what it is.

What Was Bill Gates’ Biggest Mistake? The Billionaire Answers [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Bill Gates has made…
TECH NEWS - If you have a Huawei branded mobile phone, you might have noticed the topic we will discuss.

Huawei Phone Users Beware: Unexpected Ads Might Show Up!

TECH NEWS – If you have a…
Japan outlaws flying drones

Japan Outlaws Flying Drones While Drunk

TECH NEWS – In Japan, it is…
ARM actually told employees to halt "all active contracts, support entitlements, and any pending engagements” with Huawei and its subsidiaries to fully comply with a recent US trade restriction.

Huawei: UK-based chip designer ARM Will working with China’s tech giant

TECH NEWS – The direction of UK-based…
Borderlands 2 - Let's admit it: a million players a month is not something to ignore, and it might have been increased since the Borderlands 3 announcement

The Borderlands Franchise Has Decent Sales So Far!

In ten years, Gearbox’ series: Borderlands put…

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