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The GTX 1660 Ti from Nvidia appears in stores: its specifications are filtered

TECH NEWS – A substantial improvement over…

YouTube Is Working On An Anti-Dislike Mob Solution! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – We regularly see that…

Microsoft Is Bringing Multiple Platforms Together!

TECH NEWS – On this year’s Game…

Artificial Intelligence Making Streams More Exciting!

TECH NEWS – Microsoft’s Hypezone is currently…

Nera: the first 3D-printed electric motorbike is made [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Nera, which is made…
The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One usually come with either a 500 GB or a 1 TB internal hard drive. Sometimes, you might need more space than that, and Sony wants to fix the issue by offering a product called the Game Drive, which is a 2 TB external hard drive manufactured by Seagate!

PlayStation-Branded Hard Drives Are Heading To Stores!

TECH NEWS – Sony announced on the…

Would The United Kingdom Ban Social Media?

TECH NEWS – Matt Hancock, a minister,…

The First Smartphone That Has No Physical/Charging Ports!

TECH NEWS – The Meizu Zero has…

Amazon is Experimenting with Robots Named “Scouts” in Washington State [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Amazon is experimenting with…
Slightly Mad Studios' console has a bleak future at the moment.

The First Concept Images Of The Mad Box Controller!

Slightly Mad Studios has gone stylish with…

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