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TECH NEWS - There's another scandal happening around the two tech giants, Apple and Google.

Apple And Google Face Off Over iOS’ Security

TECH NEWS – There’s another scandal happening…
Now, we're at CryEngine 5.6. Regarding it, Crytek published a new tech introduction video, which shows what we can expect on the next-gen PlayStation (PlayStation 5?) and Xbox (Xbox Project Scarlett) at the end of next year.

CryEngine 5.6: Here’s The Graphics Of The Next Generation [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – CryEngine is going through…
TECH NEWS - Are you planning to release another video card for NVidia, the NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti?

Is NVidia Working On A GeForce GTX 1650 Ti?

TECH NEWS – Are you planning to…
Facebook, which has just paid 5 million US dollars.

Facebook admits to having listened to its users conversations

TECH NEWS – Sound conversations were recorded…
Microsoft has shown the appearance of its new startup screens for Windows 10 and Xbox, and the first has been by accident.

Cortana leaves Xbox and Windows 10 will have a new Start menu

TECH NEWS – Microsoft also shows the…
VLC Media Player (which we will shorten to VLC from now on) is a popular, widely used, open-source media player that now has a critical security flaw, making it a bit dangerous.

It’s Best To Uninstall VLC Media Player (Temporarily)!

TECH NEWS – A temporary uninstallation is…
PlayStation 5 - Sony has not said anything similar when they revealed the first details about the next-gen PlayStation (which, for the lack of an official name, will be called the PlayStation 5).

Someone Built His Own „PlayStation 5!” [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Austin Evans, a YouTuber,…
TECH NEWS - Due to a bug, Apple has disabled the Walkie-Talkie app on its device called Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Allowed Eavesdropping Via A Bug!

TECH NEWS – Due to a bug,…
A lawyer in the United States, named John Steele, who uploaded pornography on to filesharing sites.

Porntroll Lawyer Gets Jailtime!

TECH NEWS – Despite being a lawyer…
TECH NEWS - AMD had to respond to the rumours of them allegedly shutting down the production of the Radeon VII graphics cards.

Did AMD Already Kill Off Manufacturing The Radeon VII Cards?

TECH NEWS – AMD had to respond…