The Witcher 3 -Add the fact that Hearts of Stone drops by on Tuesday and you immediately have a sizable game on your hard drive.

The Witcher 3’s Next-Gen Re-Release Might Include Fan-Made Mods

CD Projekt RED might be preparing to…
The Yakuza series will remain turn-based RPGs, so if you want to look for the classic combat system, you will have to focus on the spinoffs.

Lost Judgment: An Official Announcement After The Leaks [VIDEO]

The Yakuza series will remain turn-based RPGs,…
Gearbox - Borderlands 3 - With the theme rocker Can not Hold me Down by GRiZ with Tash Neal playing in the background, the title is displayed in its first big trailer with the same aesthetic identity as the previous instalments of the Borderlands series, and with the same winks to that sense of humour so groundbreaking.

Is Gearbox Developing Borderlands 4?

The head of Gearbox denies the rumours…
One of the NPD's analysts believes the Nintendo Switch will outsell the PlayStation 5's and the Xbox Series' two models.

Microsoft Never Turned A Profit On Xbox Hardware!

Despite having been on market for two…
No, we are not talking about multiplayer (we mentioned yesterday that Mass Effect 3 is skipping it altogether), but another DLC.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition: A Lower Frame Rate On PlayStation 5

BioWare‘s three games are packed into one…
The Redmond-based company would like Epic Games to continue to be part of Apple's ecosystem.

Epic Games Wanted Subscription-Free Multiplayer On Xbox Already In 2020!

Hold on: it looks like Tim Sweeney…
The story of Sunset Overdrive is a fun mix of Night of The Living Dead, and a guy going on a Coca-Cola bender for weeks.

Is Sunset Overdrive Getting A PlayStation-Exclusive Sequel?

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a trademark…
Flashback 2 will also have the involvement of the creator of the first game, meaning the sci-fi cinematic platformer will stay as authentic as it possibly can.

Flashback Is Getting A Sequel After Thirty Years

Flashback 2 will also have the involvement…
We never expected such a The Witcher mod to come to fruition, but as always, creativity knows no boundaries.

The Witcher 3’s Director Departs CD Projekt RED

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, who previously was responsible for…

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