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Naughty Dog has improved this section by surprise.

The Last of Us…

No Country For Our Old Man (PS Plus)
Resident Evil 8 - The overall feeling of combating the enemy is both better done, than in some of the previous Resident Evil games but somehow still less satisfying, than in Resident Evil 4 for example.

Resident Evil 7 –…

Show Me Your True Horror
Now, we got the prequel story's HD update. I think it's an alright game but nothing out of the box.

Resident Evil 0 HD…

REVIEW – Capcom’s new strategy involved grabbing their older titles and giving them a modernization treatment. The first Resident… Resident Evil Revelations 2 NYITO4

Resident Evil Revelations 2…

REVIEW – Four characters from the Resident Evil universe – Claire Redfield among them – must face the hordes…