Samurai Warriors 4 coming to PlayStation 4 this Fall

Publisher Tecmo Koei and developer Omega Force announced that the fourth entry in the Samurai Warriors series, Samurai Warriors 4, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 (and PS3) and a bit surprisingly on the PS Vita as well this Fall.

Samurai Warriors 4 features the familiar feudal Japanese setting, where players can play as one of 55 characters inspired by famous Samurai and warriors. As we “all know from history” in feudal Japan all girls had very long hair and giant tits, so since Omega Force wanted to be as historically accurate as possible, so we have those big breasted girls here as well. Just for the sake of accuracy of course.


The game will be unveiled at E3 2014 next week, and will be playable on the show floor at the Sony booth. The last game in the series skipped the PlayStation platforms and was a Wii exclusive, so it’ll be interesting to have the series back on the platforms where it all started.

VIA: PS4Daily

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