Rob Pardo the chief creative officer leaves Blizzard Entertainment

Pardo has made the announcement on, and he also said it was a tough decision to leave from Blizzard. “After 17 years at Blizzard, with long and careful contemplation, I have made a difficult and bittersweet but ultimately exciting decision to pursue the next chapter in my life and career,” he wrote.

Before he became Blizzard’s chief creative officer, Pardo was the game designer on StarCraft, World of Warcraft, and Diablo III. He also worked as Blizzard‘s executive vice president of game design and helped with the upcoming World of Warcraft feature film.


“I’m really proud of the contributions I was able to make to Blizzard’s accomplishments,” Pardo said. “From building lasting games, to supporting the growth of eSports, to extending the Warcraft world into a feature film, and of course to being able to celebrate our shared passions with the Blizzard community online and at BlizzCon.”

As for his future career, Pardo said he doesn’t have a solution yet but he will tell to his fans when it’s time. Ha also commented, that he plans to spend the summer with his family.

Via: IGN

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  1. Péter Kiss says:

    It’s a bit worrying since I still play WoW and Diablo 3 somewhat. :/ I hope that it isn’t the start of decline for Blizzard.

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