The developer of Murdered: Soul Suspect closing its doors

Airtight Games, the developer behind the recently released Murdered: Soul Suspect has been closed. The sad news was announced earlier this evening. This comes just after the company fired 14 of its employees earlier this year.

Geekwire visited the former studio’s building this morning only to find its doors closed and awards from past E3s strewn on a table. Airtight Games was founded ten years ago, and made a wide variety of games to the market like Quantum Conundrum, Dark Void and Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Murdered: Soul Suspect, the developers’s last game and first project into the current generation, wasn’t received very well by critics, receiving an average score of 60/100 on Metacritic. Unfortunately the game didn’t meet our expectations either, we gave it a 3/10 in our review.

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