BioWare trailer is possibly Shadow Realms, a new free-to-play MMO

Besides working on the next generation Mass Effect, BioWare may also work on on free-to-play MMO, that’s if we can believe to the clues tied to a teaser the company posted on YouTube. The 44 seconds of footage are really vague, but some BioWare fans with tons of time in their hand have connected dots that may shed some light on a game called “Shadow Realms


BioWare sent out a mass email some time ago, linking to a “You’ve Been Chosen” site featuring the new video. The site’s text reads, “The time is near. They are watching. Your power is rising. Cologne, Germany. You’ve Been Chosen.” The timing would suggest Bioware will unveil the project at next month’s Gamescom conference in the German city.

The clues go deeper. As PC Gamer notes, an image in the teaser email has the filename “ShadowRealms_Teaser_video.jpg.” and that’s not the first time the name’s popped up tied to EA. In February the company filed a trademark for it, and in March it registered a ton of domains including the name, such as “,” “” and “” – a free-to-play MMO is the obvious leap to make.

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