Destiny has only one “destination” per planet

There was a big concern of Destiny beta players about the size of the game: how big each planet are and how much the player can access. Destiny beta players have seen a lot of Old Russia so far and some of the Moon levels yesterday evening, and it seems like that’s not the small slice we originally thought it was.


Regarding this concern, Bungie’s David Dague aka Deej confirmed in a live stream (around 1:49) that each planet — Mars, Earth, Moon, and Venus — only has one “destination” – as Bungie calls the areas — that you’ll explore on each planet. In other words: Earth’s destination is only Old Russia.


It may cause some stir among the players, but we also have to keep in mind that these areas are pretty large with a lot of space to explore, caves to find, and chests and ghosts to uncover. Furthermore, the Destiny Beta has a lot locked off either by high level monsters or locked doors. Irregardless, this likely means that areas like Old Chicago and Europa won’t be making it into the game when it ships this September.

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