Level-5 will reveal a new PS4 game at E3 2015

Level-5 Games, the developer of Professor Layton and Ni No Kuni is nearly ready to show off its second PlayStation 4 project.

Level-5 is probably best known for Professor Layton on DS and 3DS, but it has made a couple of home console games – Ni No Kuni and the White Knight Chronicles series.


We’ve known for a while that it has a new, old-school RPG in the works for just about every console imaginable, including PS4, but now it looks like the team may have an exclusive in the offing, too.

The news comes via Gematsu, translating Japanese reports of a Level-5 livestream this week. CEO Akihiro Hino apparently confirmed that the company will show a new PS4 RPG at E3 2015.


Since Japanese press and consumers are much more aware of Wonder Flick than we are, I doubt Hino was talking about that project, so this is quite exciting news – in a “hang tight till June” way.

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