IT HAPPENED! The PS4 got hacked in Brazil!

The Brazilian retailers use a hack on the PlayStation 4, with which they can avoid the DRM – this means that pirated games can be installed on the console. The hack is originating from Russia.


How does it work? The contents of the PS4’s hard drive (including the BIOS, operating system and games) get downloaded to a Raspberry Pi, and it is copied over to a hacked PS4.

These consoles are sold for roughly 100 US Dollars, and the games are around 15 bucks… or 10 games can be installed for a hundred. (The games and consoles are expensive in Brazil due to import taxes.) Of course, Sony is on the case already, so don’t expect these shops to be operational for a long time.

If you get banned, because of using one of those consoles, you can also kiss your online account and scores good bye!

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