A big announcement is coming about Tekken 7 soon

Tekken 7 will get some sort of big announcement soon. On July 7, which is actually the twentieth birthday of the Tekken project, Bandai Namco will announce something, as it was written in the Japanese tweet below. We can only guess one thing about it, which should be a somewhat logical move on the developers’ end. Maybe that is the day, when we will hear the PlayStation 4/Xbox One version’s release date announced, because so far, nothing was really said about that.

We’re going to be interested in how did the developers manage to make good use of Unreal Engine 4 – this will also apply to Capcom as well. They’re also going to use the same engine in Street Fighter V, and we better get a better end result than the PS4 port of Ultra Street Fighter IV, which was… terrible.
So, we’re going to wait for July 7, and when the announcement happens, we will inform you about it. We’d really appreciate the console release date the most.

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