Sony: Censorship is a big challenge in China for us

This year, Sony finally managed to launch the PlayStation 4 in the Chinese market, although it only happened after a delay. Despite that, the PS4 got as many sales in just one month as the Xbox One got in eight months total. This is no mean feat, especially if we consider that Sony only had six games to launch the PlayStation 4 with!

The limited game library is because of censorship. All forms of mediums have to be presented to the censors of the Chinese Communist Party. Shuhei Yoshida, the Sony boss has commented on this situation at a PlayStation event, which was held in Hong Kong.


„For us, this is a learning experience. It’s a big challenge to get games officially released in China because of the censorship laws and the time needed for the censors to accept the games into the market.” It’s honest, but actually, this can be avoided. The PS4 has no region lock. You can easily just import from Hong Kong, although you can get caught for that…

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