Trackmania Turbo: A commentary overview [VIDEO]

Trackmania’s current generation console entry, Trackmania Turbo has got a six-minute video by Ubisoft, but this one got some commentary over it. It’s provided by Tommy Francois, the Director of IP Development at Ubisoft and Francois Aland, the Creative Director of the Trackmania franchise – basically, the two most insiders for this upcoming game. Wise choice.

The game, which is being developed by Nadeo, will now be able to show on much more powerful consoles, what it can be capable of and why it became a success on PC – after all, the DS and the Wii weren’t really able to provide the experience as close as possible to the PC originals. We will get an urban – and futuristic – episode with Turbo, which is going to keep the old style: checkpoints, sharp turns, big jumps and creative level design, while keeping that good old arcade feel to it. It looks like they succeeded with it.
Trackmania Turbo will hit the PS4, Xbox One and PC at the end of November.

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