Dead Island 2: So long Yager and thanks for all the zombies!

Deep Silver has had a short, yet so shocking announcement overnight, pulling an unexpected move. They pretty much got rid of Yager, so now, they aren’t working on the long awaited Dead Island 2 anymore. No further information was announced, but this situation is sad.





So now, it’s sure that in 2015 and 2016, it’s absolutely unlikely to see this game finished, because the new – unannounced – dev team either has to restart from scratch or modify Yager’s work. Yager themselves are working more on Dreadnought, so maybe they were pulling more effort into that as they knew they can’t take Dead Island 2’s development much longer? Perhaps they already parted ways earlier and waited for announcing this…

What’s going to happen with the Dead Island franchie? No idea, we can only wait to see the results. We don’t expect anything good – the last title in the series, Escape Dead Island was pretty much garbage, and it’s going to take massive effort to reinstate the glory of the first main title!

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