Surprise! The Prototype games are now out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One [VIDEO]

Wow, what the hell happened here? Activision never even talked about it and suddenly, it just launched on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The Prototype Biohazard Bundle – which has the two Prototype games in their entirety, which means that Prototype 2 is the RADnet Edition – silently launched digitally, and the price tag is 50 dollars. You can only buy the two games together. The game now runs on 1080p, the framerate is higher, the textures have higher resolution and the effects also received some improvement.

There’s not much difference compared to the original releases, so this definitely falls into the group of current-gen ports. Honestly, we would not be surprised, if this is another test by Activision to see if Prototype 3 would be successful, if that game gets announced later on. If you don’t own a previous generation console and a somewhat decent PC, maybe it’s a good idea to pick the pack up. Otherwise, skip it.

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