Just Cause 3: Who is Rico, actually? [VIDEO]

Avalanche Studios launched a developer diary video series for Just Cause 3 and the first episode focuses on the game’s protagonist, Rico Rodriguez. The hero of the Just Cause franchise has received a nearly six minute long video, which showcases his new skills and abilities.

Avalanche went ahead to show that Rico has actually aged, as „he has his scars from Panau and San Esperito” – these two places were the locations of the two earlier games. One thing is sure, he might get some more on the island of Medici, unless Avalanche doesn’t make a fourth game in the future… but that pretty much depends on the sales…

There’s another video as well, which is a Meet The Team video – you can pretty much feel how the team loves video games, which is present in their products as well. Their next game is going to be Mad Max, coming on September 1… and Just Cause 3 follows on December 1 – both games are going to be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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