[GC] Dark Souls III overload: Three videos and a bunch of concept art [VIDEO]

We didn’t really talk a lot about From Software’s game, but Dark Souls III has really ignited attention on Gamescom, despite the fact that the Japanese developers will announce the upcoming expansion to the PS4-exclusive Bloodborne at the TGS at the latest. This doesn’t stop the devs in making the next Souls games for PS4, Xbox One and PC – the release date is the first half of 2016, but as it’s not really a concrete date yet, it might still end up being delayed.

We can show you no less than three (!) videos, and a bunch of concept art and screenshots, so it might even qualify for a megapost. Sure, one of the videos is an off-screen camera recording, but it’s still better than nothing, at least we can see more details about the upcoming action-RPG game. However, the balloon of the Souls game might pop soon (after all, it is the fourth game in the series), so From Software has to do something unique to keep the attention of the game.

Anyway, prepare some snack and cold drinks, because one of the videos are over fifteen minutes long! Just lay back and watch…


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