[GC] When’s Gearbox’s new game will launch? [VIDEO]

When it comes to Gearbox, opinions really tend to split up: while the Borderlands games are alright, Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens Colonial Marines (although this one had outsourcing too) were not really quality games in the end. They moved on and now they are working on their latest game called Battleborn, which also received a release date.

It is going to launch on February 9, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, plus it is going to receive an open beta – at a so far undiscoled date – before the game launches. The game is going to be an FPS with no less than twenty-five unique heroes (definitely shaming Borderlands with that amount), and the story can be played either alone or cooperatively with up to five friends splitscreen and online – the multiplayer will launch with three game modes and these will have a 5v5 limit. That’s pretty low compared to Battlefield’s 64 or hell, even Battlefront’s 40!

On Gamescom, Gearbox announced four new heroes – Ambra, Mellka, Reyna and Benedict – and everyone is in a different class. Especially Benedict might be interesting for old FPS players with his Quake-y rocketjumps. The game really resembles Borderlands, unsurprisingly…

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