[GC] The Technomancer: Spiders’ promising RPG got a new trailer [VIDEO]

Slowly, but steadily Focus Home Interactive is reaching towards to become a well known and respected publisher, especially if they can release games like Spiders’ The Technomancer, which is sending us to the planet of Mars…
Two centuries after the colonization, excrement hits the fan and guess who has to save everything. As it is an RPG game, we can get some teammates to help us, and it’s going to be possible to get good relationships with them, which will help them leveling up alongside us. It’s always a good idea to have a helping hand nearby, which is absolutely fitting in this game too.

We can use three different combat styles in The Technomancer, whether it be melee, using lightning or the combination of both – it’s going to be great, but we haven’t really seen actual gameplay yet. That’s what we need, not CGI like this. Still, we believe that the game might be a success, after all, the devs have worked on Bound by Flame, Of Orcs and Men or Mars: War Logs (hmmm, where have we heard about this place?), so Spiders know what they are doing.

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