How about another Street Fighter V beta?

The first planned beta for Street Fighter V wasn’t really a success, but Capcom doesn’t look back, because the Unreal Engine 4-using, PlayStation/PC fighter game – which is set to be released in early 2016 – is now at another beta. This started on August 20, 5 PM CET, and today it will start at the same date and will go until 1 AM.

We have to add that Europe is the first in line to receive this beta, because Capcom tries to lower the risks and server issues with focusing on this region. But, if Capcom finds this beta as a success, it will be opened up to the Asian and American regions as well – and it’s likely going to happen, because Capcom really seems like they want us to forgive and forget the rocky start for Street Fighter V.

There might be connection issues, but Capcom themselves admitted it – if we look at this beta that it might eventually work, maybe we won’t be disappointed in it. Prepare your controllers, if you are from North America – Capcom kept their word with an end-Summer date for the beta. Next to Call of Duty Black Ops III, there are betatests of games to choose from. Pick one wisely.

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  1. Avatar Myra Santos says:

    I hope it will be great this time…

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