Just Cause 3: Win an island!

Just Cause 3 just got an almost unbelievable promotion by Square Enix and Avalanche Studios, because this contest has a price that probably is a first time ever in gaming. Those who preorder the Day 1 Edition of Just Cause 3, will get into a contest and one of them will win an… actual island. Yes, the winner can actually own an island. However, it depends on the sponsor of the contest on which island it will be in the end.

Thankfully, there will be an alternative prize too, so the winner can choose 50.000 dollars alternatively instead of the island, so it might be a much more realistic award. Especially because the taxes and the fees (attorney fees, escrow, closing costs) are all have to be paid by the winner… so it’s likely that the winner will pick the wad of cash. Why? The sponsor won’t guarantee that the island will be inhabitable, developable or even reachable by anything outside a boat…
The contest starts on December 1 and it will go for three months. Read about the details of the contest on the following website: LINK

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  1. Barbara Butter says:

    50000? I want it! 🙂

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