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MOVIES – Dr Dre is finally back in the public, and not just with any production, this time with a stone cold biography movie, in such a style that we never seen on the screen. ( A bit of hype, but that is needed for the movie). The Straight Outta Compton features two main characters, the cult icon Dre Dre, and his best friend Ice Cube, directed by a great person.

The movie was directed by F. Gary Gray, who directed such movies as The Italian Job, A Law Abiding Citizen. Besides that he was also the producer in the Sea of Trees, so the ghetto, and business world will be shown by a really prominent director. Watching the movie, we will get to see the dark side of the streets from the perspective of Andre Young (Dr Dre), O’Shea Jackson (Ice Cube), and Eazy-E (Eric Wright). The camera work will also help us be immersed in the movie, as some of the shots are reminiscent of a warzone.

Poverty will get you anywhere

Millions of people know what kind of situation Andre and his friends are trying to get by. While thinking about this I was sort of hesitant to sit down and watch the movie, as I did not feel the need for an autobiographic movie to shine the light on how difficult it is for a person to reach the top, or to survive in life. While an ocean divides us from the movie’s location, however the problems occur on a global scale, and transcend borders of normal life, and the gangsta rapper life. The only difference here is that they took the most common issues, and they dumped all of it on to a rap band. That is the basic concept of the movie, and that is why it is such a good movie. We can project the scenes from the movie to any life situation, and we do need to be a gang member in life to understand, and feel what we are seeing.


Put a leash on it if you have to!

It is a known fact that a director does not have it easy with actors. They always complain, do not do what they are supposed to be doing. Well probably our current stars blown a few fuses for the director, as it is well known that none of them are easy to handle. Luckily for all of us this is not felt during the movie, in fact! the opposite can be felt. Gary was able to handle the stars in such a great way, that it shows in the movie. For once you do not think that these actors did not complete the acting school only after the twentieth time. They have been well directed as their performances are authentic, however I would not think it was solely their own credit, as I seen them act before.  


Bumm c c Bumm!

The movie’s atmosphere is not just provided by the actors, or the camera handling that tries to pull in the viewers, it is also that we get a gigantic soundtrack that was detailed in our Dr DreCompton review. Such big names can be heard as Eminem, Jon Connor, Snoop Dog ( who I really missed from this movie, as he had some history with the movie industry, even if it is negative, but nevermind..), and King Mez. They are just front row. For the music the producers looked for people that Dr Dre had influence on, so we can say that its Dr Dre’s “kids” that rule the entire music of the movie. It is really great as a movie soundtrack, but as a stand-alone album it is pretty weak.

Sit down, it is an A+ !

I did not mention too much about the story in this review (you have to see it!) since it is pretty average. There are no new tricks in the scenes, but the atmosphere is so great that it will keep the viewer enthralled until the end. The visuals, and the beats in the background carry Gary Gray’s new movie, so even if you feel that story is weak, do not be afraid to see the movie as there are a thousand other things that will keep you in the cinema when watching Straight Outta Compton.


Straight Outta Compton

Acting - 7
Directing - 8.5
Story - 6.5
Style/Visuals/Music - 8
Atmosphere - 8.5



However, the mentioned works, this time the story is not going to carry the viewer in his lap. This will take place by the superb soundtrack, director of the magic with which it managed to unite these guys, crazy and well-functioning camera handling. Against this film deserves the spotlight with him.

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