The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – A million per week

CD Projekt RED has published a few sales numbers the other day, and they are really promising and positive. The Polish company has announced that in the first six weeks after the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it sold six million copies, which brings the average of one million per each week. They pulled this off after announcing a four million data in the first four weeks, so they kept it on the road with the average number, which is a respectable result…

Of course, CDPR pulled off other things as well with it: their game has become one of the most selling third-party title on the PlayStation 4, making Geralt’s finale impressive despite being a multiplatform title. This also means a lot of profit: the Polish company got 63.3 million US Dollars. They didn’t announce the split between the three platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – , so we have no idea about that.

It looks like the free DLC deal and the down to the ground DLCs (or more like expansions), as well as the constant improvements and patches really paid off for CD Projekt RED: the last patch even improved the PS4 version’s performance. The Polish team wants to keep all three platforms equal, as it seems. Great job!

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