Toy Soldiers : War Chest – Miniature warfare!

REVIEW – While the original Toy Soldiers was not released for the Playstation 4 ( and I was not a fan of the Xbox consoles from Microsoft), but I decided that since I’ve known the basic premise I’ll try this version that was released to the Playstation 4. Although I am not a great fan of the tower-defense genre, to be blunt I feel stumped on why they exist, yet this game somehow was able to grab my attention. Let’s dissect the reasons for that.

Well first and for most this is the first time ever that I have sat infront of the TV playing for hours upon hours a tower defense game. First I thought that they were using some kind of magic, or trickery by the developers, because I did not see the difference between Toy Soldiers and other TD games. If I was to be very strict I would say that there is only one main difference between Toy Soldiers, and the other tower-defense games, but with that the developers heighten the gameplay factor to new levels!

Beginner’s level

The most important thing to know about Tower Defense games, is that the player’s influence is pretty much limited on where the player puts the towers, cannons, units, and maybe traps. The player then just sits back and prays for god that the units have enough firepower to hold back the enemy. This is really monotonous, and boring, that is why Toy Soldiers – War Chest has a neat little twist built into it. While in most games our influence is limited to putting down objects, and wait for victory, or in worst case scenario defeat, in War Chest, we have the option to take over control of the weapons, thereby multiplying the effectiveness of the units .
While this is the only new feature in this genre, it is still such a huge new thing that it was able to grab me, who thought that all such games are pointless shooters. It is a great feeling to charge against the enemy with our units, and not just watching how they work, without us doing anything.

Picasso’s work

Besides the updated gameplay mechanics there are other fun thing about this game, which raise it above the usual muck of TD games. That is none other than the graphics. The developers really put themselves to the task, and even the tiniest elements of the game are well detailed on the maps, and on our units. The objects, the pencils on the battlefield, the pens, games etc, look so great that you’ll end up being astonished by the levels, and you might forget to actual win the battles. It is also great to see the level of detail from the perspective of a unit when controlling it. The game tries to provoke a feeling that while we are only playing on a table, everything in that world is alive and changing, but most of all real.

It’s a hit !

If fans of tower defense games are reading these lines then they can be sure that Toy Soldier – War Chest is for them. However those who never played or liked the genre should also try this game out, as War Chest guarantees fun that TD other games would not, for the casual player.



+ Great Graphics
+ Atmospheric soundtrack
+ Great background music


– A few more new features missing
– A more complex tutorial missing as well
– A bit childish

Publisher: Ubisoft

Editor: Signal Studios

Genres: Shooter

Publication: August 11, 2015

Toy Soldiers : War Chest

Graphics - 8
Music/Sound - 8
Replayability - 8
Control - 9
Atmosphere - 1



Ubisoft really struck gold with this title, and we hope that their future games will also have such unique and excellent ideas, just as their Toy Soldier crazed game had for the players.

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