Harry Potter actor as Rockstar’s Sam Houser in the The GTA movie! Rockstar doesn’t want the movie! Will it be aired at all?! [VIDEO]

So far it seemed that BBC Two will not air The Gamechangers, which presents the history of Grand Theft Auto. However, Rockstar never gave permission to make this movie, but still, the trailer was published of this documentary yesterday.
The Gamechangers will have Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame as Sam Houser, president of Rockstar Games and Bill Paxton as the infamous Jack Thompson. The movie will play around after San Andreas, focusing on the Hot Coffee scandal, which featured… well, sexual activities between two characters in the game.

The problem is that Rockstar didn’t allow the movie to be aired and so they sued the British Broadcasting Corporation. This might end up badly in the end… but whatever the case will bring up as winner, The Gamechangers will be aired on September 15, 9 PM BST. We’re going to be curious about how Jack Thompson will be shown in the movie. He really sued a lot of developers earlier for violence, until he got disbarred…

It’s a great idea though: Grand Theft Auto is typically something that could work very well on the huge screen…

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