SOMA – Presenting the environments [VIDEO]

The developers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Frictional Games – are going to attack soon (really soon, in just a few weeks) with SOMA. This sci-fi horror game has a big chance to even pick the fight against Alien: Isolation… in the ambience at least! The trailer only presents the environments, but it was pulled off in an extraordinarily good way, so hats off to them! Nicely done,

The radio is dead, food is running out, and the machines have started to think they are people. Underwater facility PATHOS-II has suffered an intolerable isolation and we’re going to have to make some tough decisions. What can be done? What makes sense? What is left to fight for? SOMA is a sci-fi horror game that questions our concepts of identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human. This might be one of the highest points of SOMA – next to the music, but we already wrote about that aspect earlier. The music will kick ass, that’s for sure.

There is life beyond Amnesia, and SOMA is going to be out on September 22 on PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s really promising so far. There are images as well under the trailer. The price will be 30 euros.

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