SOMA – Meet the monsters [VIDEO]

This time around, SOMA‘s monsters are getting an introduction. The developers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent have mentioned five key elements in regards to them, and it’s better to know about these.

First off, their hostility isn’t the same per monster type. One of them might just be surprised to see us and just stare for a while. Another one might not even harm us whatsoever as long as we don’t disturb them.

The AI and their tactics is different per each monster type (and each monster embodies one part of the dev’s theme). With it, Frictional Games managed to keep us at bay, because we can’t know what to expect. Even then, if you meet them, it’s going to be rare: each type gets just a few meetings, so you can’t really “learn” them. This relates to being attacked too: one encounter might just be a scratch, another one might be an instant death. There is no HP bar, so this is another element, which keeps players in fear.

Frictional Games know something, these all show that their game isn’t lazily slapped together. The game is going to be released on September 24 – we can expect the worst (as in a horror way) on PS4 and PC.


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