Horizon Zero Dawn: New gameplay [VIDEO]

Guerrilla Games is not working on Killzone recently, after Shadow Fall, they began working on a new IP, and we already saw the results of that on the E3, when Sony revealed Horizon Zero Dawn during their conference. Of course, this game was brought to Japan too (why not? after all, this is a PS4-exclusive title…), so we can see a few more minutes. And thankfully, there’s some relieving English speech during the stream here.

The game is still promising: the post-apocalyptic future-past combination in an open world game can reap some huge results… but we think that using the open world scheme is slowly starting to become tired. Even Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain used this, as well as Mad Max recently. We can’t say a world about the end results, as the game is going to launch during 2016, unless the game gets delayed to 2017. Still, the RPG-elements of Horizon Zero Dawn might really get the attention of the viewers, as well as the stunning visuals.

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