PS4 price drop? It’s going to happen, according to the Xbox boss!

This is something else: Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss says that we can expect a worldwide price drop by Sony for the PlayStation 4. He talked about this in an interview with IGN. According to him, seeing Sony‘s recent strategies, Microsoft is prepared for this already. But still, if someone this high in the console gaming industry talks about this, we can take this as a somewhat unofficial announcement by Sony. (Maybe he has insider info? Who knows?)

Remember, Sony announced a price cut on the Tokyo Game Show for the Japanese market, cutting the price to 34980 Japanese yen, which is roughly 290 dollars. But seeing how it was 350 dollars roughly there from the start, it’s pretty much a logical move to count that the new price around the world will be 350 dollars/euros.

Or, if they want to risk a little bit, they might drop the price even lower, which might be a loss for Sony in the beginning (making new consoles are putting the companies at a loss for the first period), but because of the lower price, there might be a bigger demand. We’ll see the pricing soon.

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