Shuhei Yoshida: It’s GAME OVER for a new PlayStation Vita!

It’s been over a decade since Sony entered the handheld gaming market with the PlayStation Portable, which was a decent handheld, and the same applies for Nintendo’s DS as well. Fast forward to 2011, and the two companies came out with the PS Vita and the 3DS, respectively. The tides have turned here big time: while the 3DS is over 50 million in terms of sales, the Vita is barely able to get a 1/5 of that together.

After this, it’s no wonder that Shuhei Yoshida said about the life after the PS Vita. According to him, it’s a good question if there will be a successor to the Vita; but the mobile games have a lot, mainly free games on them, and while touch-based games are good, playing with buttons and analogue nubs is a different experience. Because of this, he thinks that the current climate is not a good time to create a new handheld. (With this, Nintendo would be monopolizing the handheld market, discounting iOS and Android, as Microsoft doesn’t seem like making an Xbox handheld!)

It’d be sad, because the PS Vita has strong hardware and there are some noce PS Vita games out. Will Sony really leave the handhelds after the Vita? It would be a really sad sight to see.

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