Transformers: Devastation – Behind the scenes [VIDEO]

During E3, it was confirmed that PlatinumGames is working on multiple titles at the same time: aside from the Xbox One-exclusive Scalebound, they are working on Starfox Zero for the Wii U, the PlayStation 4-only new NieR game, as well as on the multiplatform Transformers: Devastationir?t=p0559 21&l=ur2&o=2 – and out of these four, the last two were anounced during E3!

The producer of the game will be Atsushi Kurooka, whose previous work at PG was The Legend of Korra, which we wrote about earlier. Not only Kurooka, but also the producer Keiji Saito, and Activision”s producer (they are the publishers of the game after all) Robert Conkey talk about some details. For example, they mention the metallic sheen of the robots, and as the game uses cel-shaded graphics, it will be really visible! PG seems to give attention to the smallest amount of details too.

The game is going to launch on October 6 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. If Devastation will be at least as good as the Korra game was, we will definitely not be disappointed! Or will we…? Still, it might be some good fun, until the Transformers 5 movie is out.

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