Overwatch: For consoles too; launch date confirmed? [VIDEO]

Blizzard isn’t sitting around doing nothing: aside from the Warcraft movie, they slowly are working on his mixture of Team Fortress 2 and DotA in the form of Overwatch but they surprised. It seemed that Blizzard‘s game will only be out on PC, but it looks like that the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 will also receive it. The release date or at least the deadline for the launch also seems to have leaked too.

Overwatch will be out on the platforms mentioned above by June 21, 2016, but it can be out earlier: Spring seems to be the realest launch frame. There will be an Origins Edition of the game, which will get 21 heroes to the player. (There will be more than that for sure.) There will also be cross-promotion because Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Hearthstone and Diablo III will also get goodies if you purchase this edition, which will cost 60 dollars.

Free-to-play seems to be a bit unlikely at the moment, but it might be a „pay in advance” release, so it can be pretty much a season pass ownership technically. During BlizzCon, Blizzard released no less than FIVE trailers for the game. They are taking this quite seriously.

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