How many games are released for the PlayStation 4 so far?

We’re – almost – two years into the PlayStation 4‘s life cycle, so we can take some time to do a recap about the games so far. How many games are available for the PS4, and how much space would it need to install every single one of them? Let’s count them.

So far, 516 games have been launched: 264 out of these are indie titles, and major companies publish 252. Almost 75% of the total amount is digital-only on the PlayStation Store, so you can’t put all games on your shelves. Also, out of these, there are several region-only games, mainly Japan-only ones, so the 516 is not achievable from say, the US. How much space would it need, though? 3.8 terabytes. You have to get a six terabyte hard drive and a hard drive case from someone like Nyko.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One has 349 games, but it will be boosted by a hundred or so games, thanks to the upcoming Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. But is it a good move in the long-term for Sony to open towards indies? Bigger exclusive titles are also necessary to succeed, aren’t they?

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