Life is Strange 2? Wait, what?

Life is Strange is a great game – even if the endings aren’t top quality, especially the Chloe one -, but it looks like Dontnod Entertainment is already having plans for a sequel. It’s going to be interesting to see how they want to pull this off, but Alain Damasio – co-founder of Dontnod, responsible for the scripts in games – thinks the sequel is going to happen.

He also talked about how Dontnod wanted to make a Remember Me 2, but the publisher (Capcom) did not support their ideas, so this concept was cancelled altogether. Instead, he pretty much confirmed the existence of Life is Strange 2. Previously, producer and co – Luc Baghadoust and Michel Koch – talked to Polygon about the chance of making a LiS sequel, which would have new characters. (They did not mention the location though…)

Whatever will the game have, let’s just hope that its quality will be as high as the first one’s was. If that happens, we won’t have many reasons to be disappointed in Life is Strange 2!

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