Rainbow Six Siege – A year full of free content [VIDEO]

Ubisoft revealed their plans for the post-launch year for Rainbow Six Siege. They won’t leave the game behind just weeks after releasing it. In fact, there’s going to be an eighty-member team for monitoring the feedback for the multiplayer segment of Siege, and they will change the game later on accordingly.

The free content will be separated into four seasons. Eight new characters, 4 new maps, several new primary and secondary weapons, but you can’t get them instantly. You will have to play, and with that, you can get Renown points. The amount you will get depends on whether you win or lose, play ranked matches or not, and so on. You can also get weapon skins by R6 Credits. This is the paid solution.

There is one good approach to this: weapon skins’ higher tiers will be R6 Credit-only, but these are purely aesthetical, so they will have no affect on the gameplay. Your skills will still be required to win.
There is no paywall here. Let this be a really good lesson for other developers and publishers – Capcom is already on the right path with their upcoming Street Fighter V.

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